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Mambos Plastics Warehouse

We store, organise and prepare our lives using plastic products every day. This is because they provide great value by being reusable, versatile, recyclable and affordable to name just a few indispensable features. For this reason, plastic ware has served its purpose well and isn’t going to be losing appeal anytime soon...

At Mambo’s, we offer a wide variety of products designed to make your life easier. Our selection of goods includes storage containers, kitchenware, cleaning utensils and a whole lot more.

We boast almost every plastic product available in South Africa, ensuring that you should find what you’re after under one roof, and at a very good price. Regardless of what you’re after, we probably have it. Below are some of our more sought-after categories:

  • Plastic Containers and Accessories – Life is easier when you have an efficient storage system. Whether its documents, food, shoes, kitchen utensils or toys, everything looks good when neatly tucked away. With the variety of products we have on offer you’ll be able to store just about anything.
  • Catering Products – In the fast-paced hospitality industry, what you place your food on - or in - is as much of an importance as how fast you’re serving it and how good it tastes. We offer plastic ware that is manufactured to the highest standard so that you have great products to prepare and serve food on.
  • Cleaning Utensils – A clean environment needs appropriate utensils to keep it in tiptop condition. We offer brooms, buckets, dustbins and much more. If you’re looking for accessories to keep your home or business clean, you’ve come to the right place. 
  • Educational Goods – The mind is always learning on a daily basis, which helps us to develop. This is why Mambo’s offers a wide selection of books and products designed to help with the learning experience and even make it fun.

These are but a few of the many plastic goods you can expect from us. Take your time to browse our store and purchase whatever you need with ease. 

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